The Foundation’s main areas of activity

The set Foundation helps industry, animal welfare organisations, research bodies and government to co-ordinate their efforts and work together towards a common goal: The refinement, reduction, and replacement of animal experiments through the active development of 3Rs methods. Eligible projects aim to reduce the number of animals used and/or their distress as effectively and broadly as possible. The Foundation concentrates its support on three main areas of activity:

  • Scientific communication regarding alternative and complementary methods already available and in development.
  • Developing and implementing new 3Rs methods, particularly in areas where stressful animal experimentation is still necessary or where scientific routine impedes 3Rs methods.
  • Measures with the potential to extend the use of alternative and complementary methods in scientific research, such as implementing 3Rs methods in student training and further education.

In order to maximise their effect in the scientific and industrial environments, the set Foundation works to establish 3Rs methods with as many potential users as possible. Funding therefore extends beyond research projects, to publications, symposiums, training courses and workshops.

The Foundation’s representatives place particular emphasis on the personal and unbureaucratic exchange with applicants and their projects. The focus and target of the Foundation’s efforts is always the speedy and successful implementation of 3Rs methods – preferring efficiency over administrative red tape.