Guidelines and Criteria

Criteria for qualifying research projects

The set Foundation supports primarily small and medium-sized projects that demonstrate courage to close the gaps in knowledge outside the approaches supported by other institutions. The aim is to provide a meaningful addition to public funding as well as to the efforts of industry and animal welfare organizations. Eligible projects may receive full or partial funding from set or, if applicable, be referred to the appropriate funding institution.
The Wissenschaftliche Beirat (Scientific Advisory Committee) carefully evaluates new projects, following the guidelines and charter of the Foundation. The selection and supervision of the projects are not based on rigid bureaucratic thinking but on our desire for truly productive, pragmatic and uncomplicated collaboration. Please describe your project and state your case clearly to allow the objective comparison of applications. Proposals should meet the following criteria:

  • 3Rs Relevance: Projects must deal with the development of animal-free testing methods, with reducing the number of animals used or with minimizing the distress experienced by the animals
  • Qualifications: Applicants must possess the relevant qualifications and experience in the respective research field
  • Resources: All the basic prerequisistes of the project must be provided for; in particular the laboratory equipment needed to perform the research project

A final report must be submitted to the set Foundation at the conclusion of the project. In some cases interim reports may also be necessary. Since the set Foundation is dedicated to scientific communication and interdisciplinary networking, reports on the dissemination or implementation of the results are expected at a later date.