Funding Application

Apply for Research Funding

If you have a project that can help move 3Rs along and meets our  criteria, we are looking forward to your application. Below you will find all the information we need to process your request. We will process your application as soon as possible and contact you once we have evaluated it. Of course all your data will be held in the strictest confidentiality.

Filing the application

Applications to the set Foundation are evaluated in a two-stage process. We would like to ask you to first explain your project using a project outline. If your outline finds the interest of our scientific advisory board, we would invite you to submit a detailed application. Please refrain from submitting complete applications without previous invitation.


Please reduce file sizes, especially for pdf.

Formal requirements for applications

Applications for funding by the set Foundation must contain the following information:

  • The requested amount, itemised by personnel, operating costs, etc.; all the items - including personnel expenditures - to be quoted in Euro. (Please take into account, that our budget ist limited to about 300.000 € per year, whereof we would like to support 2 - 4 projects.)
  • The scheduled duration of the project
  • A detailed description of your project, outlining both the type of animal experiments affected and the extent of their reduction. Since reducing animal experiments in the 3Rs sense is the Foundation's central goal, such reductions must be a manifest outcome of the project. This is prerequisite to a positive assessment of any application for funding.
  • A generally intelligible summary of the project. This summary should convey the project's novel approach and indicate the type and extent of the reduced/replaced animal experiments.
  • A statement saying whether the application in question (or a similar one) has already been filed with other institutions or will be filed there (including the respective institutions' names).
  • Please follow our updated 2024 instructions and forms to submit your draft:

Instruction and forms for download

Reservations of the set Foundation

  • We reserve the right to contact other institutions for the purpose of comparing and co-ordinating applications.
  • Applications filed with the set Foundation may if necessary be submitted to external consultants to assess certain elements or the chances of success.
  • Projects receiving funding by the set Foundation will be briefly outlined on the Foundation's web pages once funding has begun. The necessary information is to be supplied by the scientists being funded.
  • Projects receiving funding by the set Foundation, as well as the results of the projects, are expressly destined for imminent publication in order to disseminate the findings quickly and comprehensively and thus to contribute to a speedy reduction of animal experimentation.
  • Well-founded deviations from the points made above are possible on a case-by-case basis.
  • The current call for proposals is subject to the availability of sufficient financial ressources of the set Foundation.